Twist Kebab

You may prepare kebabs from minced meat or in combination with sausages or bacon.

  • Cook Time: 40 minutes
  • Yield: 6┬áPersons


600 g pork leg
2 tablespoon Vegeta Grill Classic
200-300 ml beer
oil for brushing kebabs


1. Cut a meat into strips, put in a deeper bowl, spread over Vegeta Grill Classic and mix. /Pour over beer and leave it to stand for about two hours or over night.
2. Take the meat out of marinade, drain and spirally stick.
3. Kebabs brush with oil and broil on a wel heated grill or in appropriate saucepan.
4. While the meat is broiling brush it with marinade.


Twist kebabs serve with Relish or red-pepper chutney and some of seasonal salads.