Vegeta No 1 Seasoning in Europe!

Once again, Vegeta has been proclaimed as number 1 universal seasoning in Europe*, based on Retail Measurement Panel by internationally renowned The Nieslen Company.

More than 6 decades of memories, many generations and new consumers has been embedded in this valuable recognition. More than 6 decades of family lunches, delicious food, and heart-warming stories. Throughout its history, Vegeta has seasoned many dishes and inspired millions of consumers with new culinary experiences, ultimately winning over the hearts all over Europe and the world.

Vegeta Now Available In Walmart!

Vegeta is now available in over 300 Walmarts across Canada! 

Vegeta is available at Walmart in two options,  Vegeta Classic and Vegeta Natur!  Look for them both in the spice section, Vegeta Classic in the quintessential blue bag, and Vegeta Natur in the 300g cardboard canister same great taste, all natural with even more vegetables!

Podravka, the company behind Vegeta commits to sustainability!

Podravka Makes Another Move Towards Green Energy! 

Podravka is proud to announce their ongoing corporate commitment to reduce carbon emissions in manufacturing of their time honored food products by using sustainable alternate energy sources. The company’s Kalnik manufacturing plant at Varazdin, Croatia that produces condiments and  jar products, has been using  solar power (capacity 350 kW) since 2020. By  the end of 2022 an expanded solar energy installation (capacity 3.2 GWh) at Koprivnica, Croatia  will be completed to power three manufacturing plants. Currently 50% of the manufacturing plant heating requirements are derived from biomass sourcing, and by the end of 2023  biomass sourcing will be expanded to account for 100% of the heating requirements. Podravka  truly believes in making  for a better and healthier planet!