Interesting salad with peanuts

You may salt the salad at your choice, and those who like spicy taste can also add chilli pepper.

  • Cook Time: 25┬áminutes
  • Yield: 4┬áPersons


200 g mozzarella
1 teaspoon Vegeta
50 ml olive oil
100 g white beans
100 g sweet corn
120 g avocado cut into cubes
50 g dried cranberries
100 g roasted salty peanuts
2-3 spoons aceta balsamica


1. Cut mozzarella into cubes, sprinkle them with half a teaspoon of Vegeta Twist for salad and add 1-2 spoons of olive oil.
2. Marinate the sliced cheese for 10 minutes and add beans, sweet beans, avocado, cranberries and coarsely chopped peans.
3. Add remained olive oil, aceto balsamico and sprinkle it with the rest of Vegeta Twist for salad.


Gently mix the salad and serve it as an appetizer, main course or as a side dish to grilled steaks.